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Pharmaceutical Tablets
Buy from us pharmaceutical tablets to treat diseases or provide nutrients that are deficient in the body. These are hard, strong tablets which can be swallowed with water. The tablets release content in a known manner.
Pharmaceutical Capsules

Get in touch with us if you want to order pharmaceutical capsules or partner with us to produce the capsules in their compositions and package under their brand name. 
Nutrition Powder
For athletes, body builders and people who go regularly to the gym need an extra dose of energy. The best way to get balanced nutrition is to include nutrition powder in diet.
Anti Inflammatory Medicine
Anti-Inflammatory Medicines are recommended to relieve pain, redness and inflammation. In addition to this, they are also provided to treat fever, headache, toothache, etc.
Softgel Capsules
Nutraceutical drugs are available in softgel capsules form, which can be swallowed whole with water. People will experience the difference if they will consume multivitamins, calcium or other nutrients recommended on daily basis.
Health Supplement Sachets

Buy from us unadulterated health supplements sachets, which are easy to carry. These sachets can be supplied to meet the nutritional needs of all.

Nutraceuticals are supplements provided in the form of tablets and powdered form which can be diluted in water to make an energy drink. All energy drinks are flavoured.
Pharmaceutical Contract Manufacturing Services
Our company provides trusted Pharmaceutical Contract Manufacturing Services from pre-formulation, formulation, method development, clinical trials to commercial production. These services are provided as per the norms laid by medical authorities.
Antacid Medicine
Antacid Medicines are provided to neutralize the stomach acid and heartburn. They are also provided to treat sour stomach, acid indigestion and gastric problems.
Anthelmintic Medicine
Anthelmintic Medicines are also used for treating infections of animals like parasitic, flat, tape worms, etc. They are widely used as human tropical and veterinary medicines.
Anti Allergy Medicine
These Anti Allergy Medicines are provided to relieve itching, sneezing, swelling and other allergies. They are highly-effective, hence they work within two hours.
Antibiotic Medicine
Antibiotic Medicines are powerful drugs used for treating, destroying and slowing down the growth of bacteria or diseases caused by bacteria. They kill or stop the growth of bacteria.
Anti Cold Medicine
These Anti Cold Medicines are recommended to treat cold, cough and fever. They are ideal to treat sneezing, water eyes, runny nose, etc. to make the patients feel relaxed and comfortable.
Anti Diabetic Medicines
Anti Diabetic Medicines are used for treating diabetes mellitus by reducing the glucose level in the blood. They are provided according to the nature, age and situation of the patient.
Antidiarrheal Medicine
Antidiarrhoeal Medicines are formulated to ensure symptomatic relief for diarrhoea. They stop or slow diarrhea to provide complete comfort to the patients.
Antiemetic Medicine
Antiemetic Medicines are highly effective against nausea and motion sickness. They also provide relieve against the side-effects of opioid analgesics and chemotherapy.
Antifungal Medicine
These Antifungal Medicines are used for treating different fungal infections of skin, hair and nails. They are provided to prevent mycosis and serious systemic infections.
Anti HIV Medicine
Anti HIV Medicines are provided for preventing HIV infections. They also reduce the viral load, and enhance the quality of life. In addition to this, they also minimize the chances of transmitting HIV.